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Seoul, South Korea


Outsourcing means moving non-core operations from internal company resources to external organizations. The primary benefit here is that you can stay focused on your primary business needs. Frequently, in production the actual manufacturing job boils down to being able to get quality results on your schedule. Price is, of course, a factor. But in today’s competitive environment, with the benefits of scale and specialization, rarely can a company compete internally on a non-core function.


This is outsourced work that is performed in a different country. This model promises lower costs due to reduced labor costs in foreign countries.


As a well known Houston-based company, Electro Circuits provides both Outsourcing (Made in the USA) and Offshoring for its clients.  And since we pre-invest by deposit with our strategic partners, our method is more of an extension of the company itself, so you can be assured that our dedication to quality is extended to where the job is done.

Challenges to effective Outsourcing:

Quality of Service – One of the areas that can turn outsouring into a nightmare is quality of the deliverable. To protect yourself, there are number of key points to review.

Outsource to a company that has the experience and reputation for being a top-notch service provider.

If the company has a reputation to maintain, rather than being a “Johnny-come-lately”, you can have confidence that your experience matters to them.

Find a company that has local presence and strong ties to its production facilities.

By working with a company who has a strong connection with its manufacturers, you get repeatable success and better quality control. Companies who always switch to the cheapest production companies can’t deliver quality results every time.

Electro Circuits has a financial investment in their manufacturer, thus it is a strategic partnership. Therefore, Electro Circuits success is dependent on having its manufacturer provide quality products on-time, every time. The Electro Circuits management visits the production facility in South Korea every 6-8 months, with the manufacturer’s management doing the same in the US.

Use a company who understands your culture.

Companies that have worked with organizations like yours, can significantly reduce miscommunications. Prompt response to inquiries, follow up, and a commitment to delivering on time, are the trademark characteristics that you need.

With Electro Circuits, you are getting a company that understands the need for customer service.

Our Clients Say...

"Thank you for your help on the rush order of 500pc PCB12324130.  That was very nice of you to expedite to us a day ahead.  One again thank you very much."

- Lan, Manconix

"The price was good and delivery excellent.  Looking forward to doing business with you again."

- Mike, Berkely Varitronics Systems

" I thought very seriously about using a China source for the boards but I think it is much better to keep the work local where it is good for our economy and I have an assurance of good quality and responsiveness. 

Thank you very much for your very fine service. You and your crew performed marvelously."

- Virgil, HF Projects

"We just received the batch of boards that you made for us, and they look good.  We were very surprised to get them so soon, and I want to say thanks for the special service that you have given us.  Once again you have exceeded all of our expectations, and we really appreciate it.

I'm sure that there is no one else who would do such work as good and as fast as you.  You are the best!"

- Pete Duncan, The Blodgett Company