Fast Turnaround and High Quality

What does fast turnaround mean to you? Does it mean trying to work with inexperienced staff with a language barrier? Does it mean having to return product due to poor construction or quality?  Does it mean ending up paying more than the advertised low price?

At Electro Circuits, fast turnaround time means: your completed product, done right in less time, period.  And not only do we provide fast turnarounds, but we do it at highly competitive prices.

Electro Circuits speeds your delivery in several ways:

  • We test every printed circuit board.  How do you guarantee quality- you test it, and not just a small sample.
  • We have the expertise to see problems before production and check the Gerber files beforehand. 
  • We test the design before production and don't run it until it is right.
  • We have manufacturing facilities in the US as well as offshore depending on your delivery needs.
  • We use CAM 350 software and can convert from almost anything.
  • Our normal turnaround is just 7 days, but can turnaround in as short as 24 hours.

When your project calls for a 24 hour turnaround time, our facility in Chicago, IL is experienced and ready to handle it.

Our Clients Say...

"Thank you for your help on the rush order of 500pc PCB12324130.  That was very nice of you to expedite to us a day ahead.  One again thank you very much."

- Lan, Manconix

"The price was good and delivery excellent.  Looking forward to doing business with you again."

- Mike, Berkely Varitronics Systems

" I thought very seriously about using a China source for the boards but I think it is much better to keep the work local where it is good for our economy and I have an assurance of good quality and responsiveness. 

Thank you very much for your very fine service. You and your crew performed marvelously."

- Virgil, HF Projects

"We just received the batch of boards that you made for us, and they look good.  We were very surprised to get them so soon, and I want to say thanks for the special service that you have given us.  Once again you have exceeded all of our expectations, and we really appreciate it.

I'm sure that there is no one else who would do such work as good and as fast as you.  You are the best!"

- Pete Duncan, The Blodgett Company